Stephen Beckett

VP, Engineering

Stephen Beckett is Synaptic Security’s VP of Engineering. As an expert in operating system internals and reverse engineering, Mr. Beckett excels in tackling difficult software challenges. He has created products that have gone on to sell more than $100 million annually and secured patents on remote location monitoring, code injection and interception, and non-programmatic software development. Through his extensive experience, he has advanced knowledge about cyber security solutions’ operation and vulnerabilities.

Mr. Beckett is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully launched three profitable enterprise software companies. He has pioneered billion-dollar markets and his software has been deployed across the globe. Prior to joining Synaptic, Mr. Beckett was the Chief Scientist of Robotics for Pegasystems, Inc. In 2016, Pega acquired Beckett’s company, OpenSpan, Inc., that he founded in 2003. He was also a founder and CTO for Witness Systems (IPO in 2000).

Mr. Beckett received his BS in Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.